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The future of all children should be bright. Yet for many, the effects of poverty quench hope and eclipse how they see themselves and their future. At Hopes Rise, we come alongside Canadian children and youth living in poverty to re-ignite hope and restore vision for their future by equipping them with the transferable skills, qualities and strategies they need to flourish and become leaders for a lifetime. Our innovative programs address and enhance physical fitness, mental and social health, cognitive development and academic success.

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At Hopes Rise, we invest in children living in poverty to enhance their physical, mental and social health, cognitive development and academic success. We create opportunities for them to set and achieve goals in a safe, encouraging, inspiring environment where belonging, consistent mentorship, practical help and positive ongoing support are offered. Character qualities developed and skills aquired will enable them to see that they have what it takes to succeed and become effective, inspiring leaders in their community and their nation.


Programs and Services

At Hopes Rise, we provide children from impoverished Canadian communities with opportunities they need to have hope and vision for their future and be equipped with skills, strengths and character qualities to flourish. From our Champions Club to our CanU partnership – we offer innovative, comprehensive and impactful programs. See the scope of what we have to offer, and consider how you can use your skills, passion and time to change lives and help develop tomorrows leaders today.


Volunteer Opportunities

Hopes Rise recognizes that signifcant, meaningful relationships developed through mentorship are vital to: igniting hope in children living in poverty, enhancing their overall well-being and the development of life-long character qualities. Our Volunteer Opportunities are centered on creating a safe, encouraging, vibrant environment where children are inspired to work towards goals and be transformed in the process.

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Silvia Ruegger

Silvia's childhood hope of becoming an Olympian was realized in 1984 when she represented Canada in the first-ever Women’s Marathon at the Olympic Games. Her time of 2:28:36 stood as the Canadian record for over 28 years.

After retirement in 1996, she saw too many children living in poverty for whom hopelessness was reality. The sight compelled her to make a difference in their lives, and she developed and oversaw the successful nationwide implementation of the Running & Reading Club for Start2Finish.

Silvia's vision for seeing transformational change has since led to the launch of Hopes Rise. Audacious hope, which fueled Silvia’s Olympic dream and the birth of the Running & Reading Club, fuels the dream to see all children in Canada hopeful about their future and equipped with the skills and qualities they need to flourish and be leaders in their community and nation.

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At Hopes Rise, we care about our youth and strive to provide them with the resources they need to become successful leaders in their home communities. We are committed to empowering today’s youth to be the leaders of tomorrow. We couldn’t do what we do without your generous support.

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